IFToMM Technical Committee for Computational Kinematics

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Technical Committee for Computational Kinematics


The Technical Committee for Computational Kinematics of the IFToMM intends to promote the activity of the international Computational Kinematics community and to serve as a communication channel among its members.

It is considered to be the worldwide leading group of experts in Computational Kinematics and consists of specialists from different countries, which are members of IFToMM. Each member country may have up to two representatives in the committee, entitled to vote.

Up to two researchers from the same IFToMM Member Organization can be members of a Technical Committee. Therefore, look at the TC members list and, if the number of two has not been reached yet, contact the Chair of your IFToMM Member Organization and ask for your nomination to the TC.


  • Kinematic design and synthesis

  • Computational geometry in kinematics

  • Motion analysis and synthesis

  • Theory of mechanisms

  • Mechanism design

  • Kinematical analysis of serial and parallel robots

  • Kinematical issues in biomechanics

  • Molecular kinematics

  • Kinematical motion analysis and simulation

  • Geometric constraint solvers

  • Deployable and tensegrity structures

  • Robot motion planning

  • Applications of computational kinematics

  • Education in computational kinematics

  • Theoretical foundations of kinematics


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