IFToMM Technical Committee for Computational Kinematics

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Technical Committee for Computational Kinematics


The Technical Committee for Computational Kinematics has as main activities:

  •  helps to exchange the experiences and the knowledge in the international Computational Kinematics Community (conferences, publications) and to build up international research joint collaborations;

  • decides about new members for the Technical Committee;

  • discusses the topics, the locations and dates of coming international Computational Kinematics conferences;

  •  looks for support for young delegates from poor countries to attend conferences;

  • reviews the conference papers and selects best papers for awards;

  • evaluates new research directions and decides the introduction of new subcommittees;

  • supports and recommends education activities in Computational Kinematics (short courses, University courses, summer schools  and student exchange programs).

The Technical Committee has a Chair, a Deputy Chair and a Secretary, who are elected by the committee members.  

The Chair and Deputy Chair of the Technical Committee - supported by the Secretary:

  • organize and coordinate the TC-meetings (usually during one of the Computational Kinematics conferences);
  • invite for the meetings, prepare the agenda, write the minutes of the meetings and distribute them to the TC-members;
  • leads the discussion during the meetings and asks the members for decisions by votes;
  • reports about the general IFToMM activities, e.g. results of the Executive Council meeting, IFToMM world conferences;
  • reports yearly to the IFToMM Executive Council about the annual activities of the Technical Committee;
  • asks and negotiates with the Executive Council and the Treasurer about support for the Technical Committee and for the young delegates program.


The Chair, Deputy Chair and the Secretary are responsible for the execution of the decisions from the Technical Committee.

The TC-meetings are usually held at the conferences organize by the TC or IFToMM World Congress.



Dr. Jean-Pierre MERLET term 1999-2005

Univ. Prof. Dr.
Manfred L. HUSTY       term 2005-2009

Prof. Doina L. PISLA
term 2009-2013

Prof. Doina L. PISLA
term 2014-2018