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ROBOCORE - Robotic assisted prostate biopsy,
a high accuracy innovative method

Final Report

ROBOCORE final report Download PDF

Activity reports

Activity report, stage 1 - 2014

“Studies to define a parallel robotic structure optimized for prostate biopsy. Studies to define a conceptual virtual reality software for biopsy” Download PDF

Activity report, stage 2 - 2015

“Kinematic modeling of the innovative robotic structure. Development of the mechanical structure and the command system. Development of the virtual reality software.” Download PDF

Activity report, stage 3 - 2016

“The solution integration into the medical enviroment. Components manufacturing.” Download PDF

Raport de activitate etapa 4 - 2016

“Experimental model finalization. Experimental testing and robotic system validation” Download PDF


• Development of three possible conceptual robotic prostate biopsy structures; :BIO-PROS-1, BIO-PROS-2, BIO-PROS-2, PBS-BOT; (Download PDF)
• Defining an initial robotic assisted prostate biopsy protocol;
• Initial kinematic modeling of a possible parallel robot concept model for prostate biopsy;
• Conceptual virtual reality software architecture for biopsy;
• Simulation of the prostate parallel robots: BIO-PROS-1, BIO-PROS-2, BIO-PROS-3, PBS-BOT
• Initial 3D Modeling of the internal anatomical structures of the pelvis and its integration in RMN images; Integration of the 3D model into the TRUS images ; (Download PDF)
• A solution to control the robotic system for prostate biopsy. (Download PDF)
• Kinematic modeling of the robotic systems and computation for the operational working space of the systems;
• Development of the direct and inverse geometric models for each indivitual structure, and the analysis of the possible singularities;
• Development of a 3D moreling method to construct the prostatic region using MRI images;
• Development of a prototype software used to define markers on the 3D model;(Download PDF)
Virtual 3D enviroment that integrates the BIO-PROS-1 robot, a virtual human model, and other specific equipment.(Download PDF)


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