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ACCURATE: A multi-purpose needle insertion device

for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer

Project coordinated by Technical University of Cluj-Napoca
Project manager: Dr.Eng. Calin Vaida
National project PCCA TIP 2, financed by Executive Unit for High Education Financing, Research, Development and Innovations (UEFISCDI)
Project code : PN-II-RU-TE- 2014-4-0992, Contract number: 59 /2015, Duration: 2015-2017.

Assoc. Prof. Calin Vaida, PhD.
Technical University of Cluj-Napoca
Research Center for Industrial Robots Simulation and Testing –CESTER (Manager: Prof. Doina Pisla, PhD)
Memorandumului 28, RO-400114 Cluj-Napoca, ROMANIA
Phone: +40-264-401684, Fax: +40-264-401765
E-mail: Calin.Vaida@mep.utcluj.ro