IMPROVE will exploit complementary competences from multiple domains aiming to develop innovative solutions with enhanced performances integrating concepts and characteristics from advanced robotics, image processing techniques and biomaterials in order to develop new solutions for the diagnosis and treatment of non-resecable hepatic tumours in order to improve the quality of life and enhance the life expectancy of patients with malignant hepatic tumours.

The main objectives of the complex project:

(O1) The setup of an interdisciplinary team which, along the experienced researchers, will create a competitive working environment and will generate and support new research positions

(O2) Development of imagistic-molecular diagnosis techniques that will allow the identification, characterization and therapeutic evaluation of hepatic tumours

(O3) Development of pre-operative pre-planning techniques and innovative approaches for targeted drug delivery

(O4) Development of an integrated robotic system for the minimally invasive intraoperatory treatment of non-resecable tumours and multiple control algorithms

(O5) Development of trajectory guiding systems using patient radiologic data for an accurate positioning

(O6) Institutional development of the consortium through the increase and extension of the research capacity, improvement of international visibility and widening the collaborations with the industry