Project coordination team


Prof. dr. ing. Giuseppe CARBONE (CV, @) – project manager

Prof. dr. ing. Doina PISLA (CV, @) – vice-manager, scientific coordinator


Key members – Research Team

1. Prof. dr. ing. Nicolae PLITEA

2. Prof. dr. ing. Adrian PISLA

3. Prof. dr. ing. Dan MANDRU

4. Assoc. Prof. dr. ing. Calin VAIDA

5. Lecturer dr. ing. Bogdan GHERMAN

6. Asist. Prof. dr. Zoltan MAJOR

7. Dr. ing. Daniele Cafolla

8. PhD Student Kinga MAIOR

9. Drd. Ing. Nicoleta Pop

10. Tech. Ionut ULINICI

11. Tech. Alexandru BANICA


Key members – Management Team

1. Prof. dr. ing. Adrian PISLA

2. Prof. dr. ing. Daniela POPESCU

3. Ing. Ec. Adriana OCHIS

4. Ec. Laura RUSU


Management structure of the AgeWell project