The main goal of the project, according to the specific requirements and structure imposed by the PED type projects, is to develop a technical solution in the form of two medical instruments for the targeted treatment of cancer through percutaneous brachytherapy, radiofrequency ablation or targeted chemotherapy. The development of the two instruments (a single needle one and a multiple needle one), together with the development of a novel control algorithm for the instruments enables the robotic assisted treatment of the tumors located in the entire toraco-abdominal area.

To achieve the scope of the project the following specific objectives are defined:

(O1) The critical analysis of the medical instruments to determine specific optimizations, based on the definition of the performance parameters required to achieve a maturity level of TRL4

(O2) Experimental studies conducted on gels and on in-vitro animal tissue to determine some specific interaction behaviors between the tissue and the needle;

(O3) The development of an advanced control solution based on an adaptive control to ensure the fail-safe efficient operation of the medical instruments;

(O4) The optimization of the medical instruments through mechanical miniaturization, new sensors and advanced control integration;

(O5) The experimental testing and validation of the new medical instruments on two different robotic systems in laboratory conditions for a maturity of TRL4.

To achieve the scope of the project the following phases are defined:

(Phase 1-2020): Analysis of preliminary data from a technical and medical point of view

Phase 1 results: Report regarding the analysis of mediical procedure parameters

(Phase 2-2021)Interpretation of experimental data, definition of optimization parameters of tools for development at TRL4

Phase 2 result: Ablation tool optimization report

(Phase 3-2022)Optimisation, testing and experimental validation of the medical instruments

Phase 3 results: Brachytherapy Tool Optimization Report
                           Optimization and experimental testing and validation of medical instruments