New frontiers in robotic assisted single port surgery:

a novel robotic system with dexterous instruments


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According to medical experts within the Challenge team experienced in robotic surgery using the da Vinci system, the availability of robotic systems for SSLS (Single-Site Laparoscopic Surgery) is very limited (few pilot studies with da Vinci SP system are conducted in various European centers) whereas the demand for such robotic systems is high, specifically to ensure patient safety and procedure ergonomics. Based on the current state-of-the-art and the new challenges in Health at European and National level Challenge aims to develop a completely new robotic system designed for SLSS and corresponding instruments that will open new frontiers in this procedure. This challenging task is assumed by a team of engineers and expert surgeons (with experience in robotic surgery) who will provide a valuable solution that will remove the current barriers in the use of SLSS.


The scientific literature highlights the current limitations of the SSLS systems. The quote from a review paper of Cianci S. et al.:

"Future platforms should incorporate a higher range of movements to improve dexterity, more effective electrosurgical ... allowing the maintenance of triangulation and an adequate traction and exposure of tissues. ... At this moment, evidence does not support the use of single-port robotic surgery in clinical practice. ... it is logical to hypothesize that new technological improvements will strongly enhance the utility of RSP in all the abdominal surgical fields"

sums up perfectly the issue at hand. More information may be found at [1].

[1]Cianci S., Rosati A., Rumolo V., et al. Robotic Single-Port Platform in General, Urologic, and Gynecologic Surgeries: A Systematic Review of the Literature and Meta-analysis. World J Surg, 43: 2401-2419, (2019).